To Purell or Not to Purell

Yesterday I took the kids to Panera for lunch.  While we were sitting there eating and watching it rain outside, I hear a Mom shouting at her child as her child tore out of the bathroom, “Don’t touch anything until you’ve had your hand sanitizer!!”  There was a sense of urgency in her voice.  It was evident that hand sanitizer is a DIRE priority in her opinion.

I realized how silly she sounded when I think back to my childhood.  We didn’t have hand sanitizer.  What we did have was good old soap and water.  Sometimes just water!  I survived.  We all did.  However, I’m JUST as guilty as this anonymous mother is of slathering that stuff all over my kids’ hands as well as my own.  It’s almost as if we believe that it puts a magical barrier around our children and ourselves to protect us from what evil lurks on doorknobs, tabletops and handrails.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the conflicting information about hand sanitizers.  Does it really work?  Does it subject us to any “superbugs”?  It’s up to you to decide what and who you believe.  Here’s a few links to check out:

The Myths vs. The Facts
Hand Sanitizers vs. Soap and Water

Last but not least, here’s what the CDC has to say about clean hands and how to get them:  Handwashing 

It would seem that good old soap and water is good enough!

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How to place a “Grab My Button” code on your Blog

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of blogs that say “Grab My Button” and show a textbox with code you can copy and paste into your own blog to do so.  I’ve come across many!  I’ve started a new blog over at Happy Baby Chronicles and I’ve been wanting to put this capability on there for a while.  I had a few minutes this morning to dive into this task…turned out to be slightly more complicated than I originally thought it would be.  So, for those of you wondering how to accomplish this task, and to do it in the simplest way possible, here you go!

1st:  You need to have a button…typically they are icon size (around 125×100 pixels).  Once you have that, upload that image to your WordPress image gallery and make note of the URL of the image.  For example: “”.

2nd: Go to the Grab My Button Code Generator.  Enter your blog title, URL, image URL, and then select the border, font color, and background color, and whether you want a new page to be opened upon clicking the link once the code is copied.  BE SURE TO SELECT THE “PRE” container type if you’re using WordPress!!  The “free” WordPress doesn’t allow the “textarea” code and will simply wipe the code out without giving you any type of error message.  Basically, it just ignores that code.

3rd: You can then preview how it will display on WordPress.  Don’t be alarmed at the width of the textbox area.  I promise it will be have once you enter the code into the Text Widget on your sidebar.  Click on “Get Code”, then go ahead and copy the code that is generated and then paste it into a Text widget in WordPress.

It worked for me!!  Do me a favor and comment if you used this to help you get your own “Grab My Button”!

Is Sign Spinning effective advertising?

Do you think Lady Liberty convinced people to stop??

Do you think Lady Liberty convinced people to stop??

I found myself wondering today, as I drove past an obviously overheated sign spinner, peddling the China Wok on Eau Gallie Blvd, “Does this actually bring in any business??”.  The poor sign spinner was ducking under a shade tree, on the side of Eau Gallie Blvd…not really spinning the sign, but kind of holding it.  I think she was about to fall over from heat stroke.  Ok, maybe not really, but she did look really overheated!  Obviously, there is nobody holding a gun to her head to make her hold this sign up, and she is working, earning a paycheck for her services.  However, is this type of advertising cost effective for a business?  I do believe it does draw attention, but does it draw the right kind of attention?

Case in point…there is a Smoke Shop on A1A up in Satellite Beach.  This business is known for putting girls in teenie weenie bikinis out on the side of A1A with their sign advertising the store.  While I do think that this is VERY clever, and will probably draw in a host of middle-aged perverts, I highly doubt that those middle-aged perverts are going to buy anything that looks like a bong, but being marketed as a hookah pipe.  Jus’ sayin’…

So, let’s say that these businesses have somebody spinning signs on the side of the road for only 5 days a week, 8 hours per day.  If this person is making federal minimum wage at $7.25 per hour, that’s $290 each week the business is shelling out in payroll for advertising.  Would that money be better spent on internet and/or print advertising?  Perhaps investing that money into a decent website and some SEO marketing?  I did a google search of this China Wok restaurant, and lo and behold…they have NO website!

This seems to be the case for many privately owned businesses in my local area.  From hair salons to restaurants to gift shops…these places are spending money on the WRONG kinds of advertising.  At least with a website you can get user statistics back on it to see if people are looking at it and finding out about your business?  Not a sermon…just a thought!