Yes, I’m STILL pregnant!

Made with Love

When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t contain my excitement!  I wanted to tell everyone that I was expecting, and whenever anyone would ask me when I was due, I’d gladly tell them…September 25th!  I never thought I’d make it to my actual due date, as I hadn’t with any of my prior three children.  They all came at least a little early.  My daughter, who was my first, came 9 days early.  My second child came three days early.  My third child arrived two days early.  Ok, so I see the trend…they were getting closer and closer to my due date with each baby.  So I figured this little man would maybe be at least a day early.


Here I am, 3 days past my official “due date” and still no baby.  I keep telling myself that the due date is actually just a 4 week window that can be anywhere from 38-42 weeks, so I still have another week and a half until he’s “really” overdue.  However, when multiple phone calls and Facebook comments are coming in each day, sometimes by the hour, asking me if I’ve had the baby yet…it can start to get kind of annoying!  I’m wondering…what is wrong with me?  Why won’t this baby come out?  Do people really think that I would keep his birth all to myself and NOT tell them?

Then, there are the other people who ask me when I’m being induced since I’m overdue.  Ummm…there will be no induction unless there is some sort of medical necessity for it.  You know, as in, my life or his life is in jeopardy.  Certainly lack of patience is NOT seen as a medical reason for induction?

So, until he decides to make his appearance, I’m going to sit back and pretend to be calm, cool, collected and patient.  Even though I’m really none of those things.  I think my body knows that this will be my last baby and is trying to help me “savor” these last few days of pregnancy.  Honestly, I’ve really had enough…I have gained 40 pounds, I can’t eat certain things because of the heartburn, my hips ache at night so I have to change positions frequently…then when I do get comfortable I end up having to get up to pee for the 50th time that day, my stomach literally sits on my lap when I sit up in a chair, and my dog has decided that it’s fun to lick all the places I’ve been sitting in so that I return to a giant wet spot.  It’s getting a little old at this point!

Still, I feel a little guilty for feeling this way…as I know there are so many women that never make it this far and have babies that are born before they can survive, or are born so early that they spend months in the NICU, then months trying to play catch up at home.  I’m praying my little guy is healthy and since he’s calling the shots, I’m sure there is a reason whey he’s just not ready to meet his mommy and daddy yet.


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