Organic Parenting?

Finally, along with the anticipation of my 4th child, I have noticed that I have become what some people would refer to as “crunchy”.  Or you can just call me a granola gal.  But, please, please do not call me a tree-hugger.  I would like to reserve that name for the protesting hippies that live in Berkley, CA.  No offense.

No, I’m not a hippie.  I do not wear tie-dye shirts.  I do wash my hair daily.  I do not drive a VW Bus.  Nor do I smoke weed.  However, I do many things to help reduce my environmental impact.  We recycle.  Religiously.  If there is any chance it can be recycled, we throw it in the bin.

We also use reusable grocery bags.  They are AWESOME.  No longer do I have eight million plastic grocery bags piling up in my pantry.

We’re not perfect, because we do use paper towels and paper plates, and even plastic cups on occasion.  We’re working on it though.

One of the steps we have decided to take is to cloth diaper this baby we’re expecting.  I had a local business owner from Earth Angels Diaper Co. come by my home to give me a demo.  She brought several different brands of the diapers she carries with her and explained to me the benefits and downsides of each.  I was really impressed!  So was my husband.  I have never been so excited about diapering before!

The next thing I’ve contemplated is making our own baby food, when the time comes.  Williams-Sonoma carries this contraption that will steam the fruits/veggies and puree it afterwards.  Sweet!

We’ve also looked into buying an organic crib mattress.  Ok, maybe that’s taking it a bit far.  Or not.

Regardless, the husband and I are finding ways to honor our mother earth, starting with this Earth Day appropriate blog.

Happy Earth Day World!


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